From 24th to 28th June, 2013
Joint International Comics and IBDS) Conference
Held in Glasgow and Dundee Universities, United Kingdom.
Oral Presentation
The Russian architecture in comics : A comparison study between Russian and Francophone authors
Abstract | The Soviet Union has been one of the most chosen themes for some narratives from well-known francophone series, such as “Les aventures de Tintin”, “Spirou et Fantasio” and “Les aventures de Blake et Mortimer”. If some of these comics use narratives to show to the reader/viewer some notable soviet places by its representation, proving also that there is a connection between the characters, its behaviors and the places that they are attending; contradictorily, some authors prefer to explore the absence of architectural scenario to highlight the social topic by characters´ actions. Notable constructions such as Kremlin, in the last situation, are rarely represented at the expense of other places that, even not reflecting immediately the soviet identity, fit and describe better the social climate lived during the civil war. Even using distinct strategies to represent the Soviet Union, the francophone authors´ knowledge and vision about it, is certainly different from authors who live and grew up there. This paper aims to understand the differences between the representation of Russian architecture in comics that were produced by Russian authors and in francophone series and the factors that influenced such differences
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