23rd January, 2015
Comics forum. Article [Link]
The architecture in comics
From 24th to 28th June, 2013
Joint International Comics and IBDS) Conference Glasgow and Dundee Universities, UK. Oral Presentation
The Russian architecture in comics : A comparison study between Russian and Francophone authors
1st December, 2012
1st International Conference on Illustration and Animation Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e Ave, Portugal. Oral Presentation
Scrolling architecture: relationships between the platformers produced in beginning of the 90s and Architecture
17th November, 2012
1st Annual Comic Conference of the University of Seville Universidad de Sevilla, Spain. Oral Presentation
The emptiness in comics as a mirror of the reader´s life
29th June, 2012
The Third International Comics Conference: Comics Rock Bournemouth University, UK. Poster
Archi-comics : Projectual exchanges between Architecture and Comics
3rd April, 2012
Worlds Apart : Science Fiction Conference
University of Hertfordshire, UK. Oral Presentation
Comictopia: Architectural Manifesto in Comics
28th November, 2011
The Comics Grid. Journal of Comics Scholarship. Year One
Article [Link] ISSN : 2048-0792
Gaston Lagaffe : The Archivistic as an Architect
From 24th to 12th November, 2011
First International Conference on Comics and Graphic Novels : Sites of Visual and Textual Innovation
Universidad de Alcalá, Spain Oral Presentation
Materiality without material : Reconstructing Ruins in Bande Dessinée
8th July, 2011
Joint International Conference of Graphic Novels, Bandes dessinées and Comics 2011 Manchester Metropolitan University, UK Oral Presentation
The Effects of Comicscape on the Masses