29th June, 2012
The Third International Comics Conference: Comics Rock
Held in Bournemouth University, UK. 
Archi-comics : Projectual exchanges between Architecture and Comics
Abstract | This paper explores the sharing of methodologies and instruments among the architectural and comics projects and its possible effects.
If the architectural project aims to be concretized being sensitive to the Human needs, proportions and movements, the comics seeks to be a myth of the contemporaneity and the future, wanting to intervene in the social, cultural and architectonical fields.
In the first part we shall study how the architects introduce the sequentiality, balloons with dialogues, signals, characters, and other comics language not only to characterize the created spaces to their clients, but also to convince them of their great quality. We will also view how the comics language were used by architects and groups such as Archigram or Rem Koolhaas to communicate their architectural manifestos and/or ideas since the appearance of comics, instead of using only the rigorous drawings.
Secondly, it will be studied the usage of tools used in the architectural projects in the comics, such as models, plans and sections. Even considering that the represented buildings in comics do not need to be built, these tools may introduce more veracity to the fiction. This contributes to instill to the audience a desire for intervention by perceiving clearly the existing parallelism with the reality.
We will also focus in the way how the diegetic time in comics is manipulated by the representation, in different preservation status, of buildings which were in the reality built along the extensive History of Architecture.
In conclusion it is evidenced the comics as a media which may teach to the masses the History and Theory of architecture as well as the applicability of its language in different subjects for a multidisciplinary resolution and review of their inquietudes and problems.
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