3rd April, 2012
Worlds Apart : Science Fiction Conference
Held in University of Hertfordshire, UK.
Oral Presentation
Comictopia: Architectural Manifesto in Comics
Abstract | This paper explores comics as a promoter agent for architectural and social intervention. 
As a “Lowbrow” product which proliferates in an amplified scope, comics may constitute a powerful architectural manifesto, sensitizing various professionals for the resolution of architectural problems by an interdisciplinary point of view. 
Comparing with architectural drawings, the comics by its narrative allows the authors to characterize spaces not only by their representation in the scenarios but also by the characters´ interaction in a relationship of complementarity. It diagnoses if the represented architecture responds to human needs, suggesting new solutions to improve them, according to the values in force in contemporaneity and free from constructive and financial worries. 
Considering comics as an ideology and myth of contemporaneity by its high diffusion on the masses, we will mainly study two strategies used by the comics´ authors to intervene. Firstly, by creating to the audience an aware of contemporary situation by the representation of its worsening and secondly, by compiling existing architectural and urban elements, which aim to be the resolution of our society. We shall see how in both strategies are simulated a full abstraction of time and place to make the series and the author´s point of view applicable in all the future contexts. 
Study cases may include series, whose authors create utopian and dystopian scenarios such as Le monde d´ Edena (Moebius), Le Cycle De Cyann (Bourgeon) and Eternus 9 (Victor Mesquita).
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