8th July, 2011
Joint International Conference of Graphic Novels, Bandes dessinées and Comics 2011
Held in Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Oral Presentation
The Effects of Comicscape on the Masses
Abstract | This paper studies comics as an ideology and myth of contemporaneity as well as their pedagogical possibilities in the field of architecture. We shall study not only architecture in comics, but also the characters who live there, because both have a complementary relationship. We consider how comic artists could be actors in a concretisation of new architecture, able to satisfy the values of society. This paper also focuses on the way that the artist’s messages are received by different audiences according to age, culture and social background. As we shall see, the artist’s’s messages can be distorted by such factors. We mainly study three different periods of time in comic strip narratives. Firstly, the past as presented in fiction. Secondly, the present to give an awareness of our current situation. Thirdly the future where, through science fiction, authors suggest solutions and show the consequences if our current situation persists. Artists studied include Morris (Lucky Luke ), Tardi (Adèle Blanc-Sec) and Moebius (Edena).
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