My latest trip:
Prague, Czech Republic
Very recently I had the chance of visiting Prague in Czech Republic. Actually I was not planning to visit Prague sooner, but I submitted an idea for "European Challenges and Opportunities" project promoted by the municipality where I live and I got the amazing chance of doing some artistic workshops to improve my skills in this stunning city. Actually, visiting Prague was a really pleasant surprise for me. The city is bright, colorful and happy! It is a city where art is present everywhere and is very inspiring for artists like me. It is easy to fall in love with Prague, actually and I think that my drawings show it very well! :)
Unpacking my bags!
Old Town Square
Charles Bridge
Náměstí Republiky
Jazz Republic sketch trying new techniques
Jazz Republic sketch, using Czech Koh-i-noor magic Penci
Jazz Republic 2´sketch, using Czech Koh-i-noor magic Pencil
Sketch during a workshop in Paralelní Polis
Sketch during a workshop in IPR-Praha
Workshop in Auto*mat
Workshop in Meet Factory